Infant Annihilator - The Battle Of Yaldabaoth (2019)

Artist: Infant Annihilator
Album: The Battle Of Yaldabaoth
Released: 2019
Genre: Technical/Brutal Deathcore
Country: UK
Quality: MP3 / CBR 320 Kbps
Label: Self-Released

01. Childchewer
02. Three Bastards
03. The Kingdom Sitteth Lonely Beneath Thine Hollowed Heavens (feat. Trevor Strnad)
04. Ov Sacrament and Sincest (feat. Storm Strope)
05. Feast Ov Goreglutton
06. Plaguebearer
07. Swinaecologist
08. A Rape of Sirens (feat. Alex Terrible)
09. Empusa: Queen Of The Damned
10. Ere The Crimson Dawn
11. Thy Faith, Thy Oblivion
12. The Battle of Yaldabaoth (feat. Alex Teyen)
13. Necropocalypse
14. Paedophilic Legacy


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