VHS - We're Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs (2019)

Artist: VHS (Violent Homicidal Slasher)
Album: We're Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs
Released: 2019
Genre: Death Metal / Thrash / Grindcore
Country: Canada
Quality: MP3 / CBR 320 Kbps
Label: Rotten Roll Rex / Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

01. Full Scream Ahead (Intro)
02. Zombie Vs. Shark
03. Let's Get Gruesome
04. Voracious and Violent
05. Rooting for the Villian (Ft. Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder)
06. An Old Lady and Her Crocodile
07. Oozing, Bubbling, Black Mass
08. Death and Carnage Coming in Waves (Ft. Matt Harvey of Exhumed/Gruesome)
09. Savage Streets
10. Face Full of Worms
11. Bringer of Death
12. From the Murky Depths
13. Cruise Ship Carnage
14. Marine Monstrosity


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